Fixed position columns possible? when scrolling left/right

Is there a property or example, of how to make left 2 or 3 columns fixed, when scrolling to the right to get to the scrollbar?

(my window is 800px wide, my grid is about 1200px wide of data, but set to the container of 800px - so when you scroll to the right to view a field for example, the user is forgetting which row was the one of interest).


  • More info – they do not have a scrolling mouse, so that is another reason why they scroll to the right, to get to the scrollbar to scroll up and down.


You may try to use the splitAt() method: … split.html
but note, that the extension is available in PRO version only.

Is there any way to do the same in Gantt??

Yes, you can have fixed columns in DHTMLX Gantt.
To do that, you need to specify several grid views in the layout configuration. By default, Gantt will attach task datastore only to the first grid, so you need to use the bind property to attach the second grid to the task datastore. Also, you need to specify the column configuration in the config property.
Here is an example with the “fixed” grid:

You can find more details about the layout configuration in the following article: