Fixed row height in Firefox & Chrome?


Using v3.0 Enterprise Suite…

I have a grid with the a skin applied (dhx_blue). The grid “multiline” property is True, and I am setting the row height in CSS on the page using this:

div.gridbox table.obj tr { height: 30px; }

That works in IE, however in both Firefox and Chrome, the row height expands to display the entire content of the longest cell value.

Is there another CSS definition I should use for those browsers to make the appearance consistent?


The grid “multiline” property is True
Turn multiline mode off and grid will keep 30px row height

Thank you for the suggestion; however, I do want the text to wrap, which is why I set “multiline” to True. In Internet Explorer 8, this works as desired – the text wraps in the cell, two lines of text are visible, and the extra text is clipped.

Non-IE browsers appear to ignore or override the “height: 30px” style on the table row, so I am wondering if there is some other CSS solution to enforce the height specification while retaining the multiline effect.

Here is how a section of the grid appears in IE with multiline True and row height 30px:

Here is the same section in Firefox:

If it can’t be done, I understand… just feels like I’m missing something obvious.


Unfortunately it cannot be done. If you turn multi line mode off, rows will be looked the same as in IE