Fixes frequency


While ago you published fixes more often then in recent weeks. Now it is almost five months with only one new version of Suite, while on forum there are a lot of issues waiting for fix. Before you published fixes more oftren, sometimes even twice per month.

Something was changed? When did you plan your next release?

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About two years ago I was a bit disappointed in the way the version 6 source code was distributed: all in one bundle with hints of transpiled typescript code; in contrast to version 5 where the code was fully accessible for contributions. Each company is a world apart, but some whose products are highly valued openly show the same source code that their specialists develop. They are not worried about someone stealing their sources, because there are laws and because in practice it is impossible to prevent a JavaScript library from being quickly deobfuscated.

I would like to urge the decision makers behind the DHTML Suite to use GitHub to evaluate and accept contributions from its most advanced users, those who are interested in understanding the implementation of existing features and contributing solutions. Your contributions could enrich the commercial version and bring the developer community closer to the company itself and its development team. I don’t have the figures in my hands so I don’t know how many programmers use the Suite on a daily basis, but I’m sure we can always grow. Let’s make it grow.