Flash uploader before vault not working with chrome


Hi there…

I am still using the older dhtmlx flash/javascript uploader from 2012 (not the “newer” “Vault”). And it still works fine with the Internet Explorer.

But not with Chrome.

I think that Vault had the same problem and was fixed long ago?

But I don’t want to migrate all my projects to Vault - so I hoped anyone could provide my with maybe a quick fix (like replacing some lines of code or one file or something like that)?

These two javascript files had to be included:


And here is some example code:

function doOnLoad(){
	formData =
		type: "fieldset",
		label: "Ihre Dateiauswahl...",
			type: "upload",
			name: "myFiles",
			inputWidth: 858,
			titleScreen: false,
			//inputHeight: 200,
			//autoStart: true,
			autoRemove: true,
			url: "includes/upload_scripts/flash_uploader/upload_configs/bildergalerie.php",
			swfPath: "../includes/upload_scripts/flash_uploader/codebase/ext/uploader.swf",
			swfUrl: "../includes/upload_scripts/flash_uploader/upload_configs/bildergalerie.php"
	myForm = new dhtmlXForm("myForm", formData);

	myForm.attachEvent("onUploadFile",function(realName, serverName){logEvent(realName + "|" + serverName);});
	myForm.attachEvent("onUploadComplete", function(count){logEvent("<b>onUploadComplete</b> " + count + " file" + (count > 1 ? "s were": " was") + " uploaded");});
	myForm.attachEvent("onUploadCancel", function(realName){logEvent("<b>onUploadCancel</b>, file: " + realName);});
	myForm.attachEvent("onUploadFail", function(realName){logEvent("<b>onUploadFail</b>, file: " + realName);});

Of course I can provide all the files if someone wants to help me.

Best regards