focus problem on field

if my form contains an input textfield with right alignment (typically a number) I cannot focus this field using the mouse-click; I am able to do this for standard input fields with standard left alignment; to focus the field (so: to edit it) I have to use the tabulator and move to the numeric (=right aligned) field … it is very complicated for the user; how should I solve the problem?

If i understand you right, you need to set tabIndex to tab inputs in a cuatom order?
If so - you can set tabIndex the next way:

myForm.getInput(ind).tabIndex = 5

no that wasn’t the problem; I’ve done many tests now, and noticed that the real problem is focussing the textbox; if I use standard html-textbox and the content is empty, I can click with the mouse on a casual position in the textbox, then the cursor appears automatically at the beginning of the textbox itself - that’s normal … html is like that;
using textinput in dhtmlxform I found out that I have to click AT THE BEGINNING of the input field, else it will not get the focus; and the whole thing becomes really confuse, if the input field is right-aligned (number inputs, in my case); then I have to click on the beginning of the input field (which is completely empty, as the number is right aligned) in order to get the focus;
is this a bug? how can I change this user-confusing focus handling?


please provide completed demo and screenshots