Folders to Tree drag and drop


We try to implement Folders to Tree d’n’d, but when Folders item hover over Tree box, firebug shows error:

fobj is undefined - dhtmlxtree.js (row 209)

We have:



in our code. I can’t find any documentation about folders -> tree d’n’d, please tell me what we need to do or point some working example :slight_smile:

We use dhtmlx 1.6.

Thanks for your assistance.

Unfortunately such feature ( d-n-d between folders and tree ) doesn’t supported for dhtmlxSuite 1.6

Should we upgrade Folders, Tree or both components?

Ok, we have newest dhtmlxSuite Pro now.
Fobj problem gone but now when we drop item from Folders into Tree another error occur:

that.getItem(id)._data is not a function  - in dhtmlxfolders_drag.js (line 69)

that.getItem(id) returns dhx_folders_FICON_item object

What shoud we do in this case?

Dear Patryk,

Unfortunately, suit 2.0 also doesn’t support drap-and-drop between folders and tree.