Font-size in the layout grid

Hi i can’t change font-size in the layout grid … i try change css rules but can’t find working example )

Could you attach image and mark the next you need to change?

Darya, thx for your help ))
i want change font - size in the layout (3t) grid.
header of the grid column i want did 20px and text in the column 18px …

What skin do you have for layout and grid?
For sky blue you can try the next CSS:

div.gridbox_dhx_skyblue table.hdr td { font-size: 20px; }

i don’t define skin, but on defaul use skyblue
i add in head block your style but nothing changed …

I need you demo to see how to hellp you.
It seems to me that you use standard version - so you can post youe demo here … leted_demo
You need to change grid header text, am i right?

yes i want change grid header text to 20px
and grid cell text to 18px

i use dhtmlx 3.6 standart suite …

You needed just try to do it :wink:
13.05.20.rar (94.2 KB)

thx a lot it’s works fine !

You are welcome!