footer for counting rows in grid


i am using your function for counting rows in a tree grid and works really well:


however if i try to use this on a grid (not a tree grid) then i get the following error:

this._h2 is undefined

_in_header_stat_tree_count_leaf()()dhtmlxtr…filter.js (line 38)

_stat_in_header()()dhtmlxtr…filter.js (line 41)

ev()()dhtmlxgrid.js (line 661)

ev()()dhtmlxgrid.js (line 661)

load()()dhtmlxgrid.js (line 776)

waitLoadFunction()()dhtmlxcommon.js (line 15)

[Break on this error] return this._maskArr[i]?this._aplNF(sum…rEachChild(0,function(el){count++},this)

do you have a similar function for use in grids


In the grid you can use {#stat_count} command. More information you can find here … d_ccingrid