Footer problem in Firefox


The footer is not displaying properly in Firefox.But it is displaying perfectly in IE.

The column which has colspan property in the footer is not displaying in firefox. because of this, the other columns are not in the correct position- they are moved to left by one or more columns.Pls help me in resolving this.

What version of dhtmlxGrid do you use? Please provide sample where this issue occurs directly at

I have tha same problem, I’m using dhtmlxGrid_v26_PRO, my footer no display correcty in Firefox and Google Chrome. And i don’t have dhtmlxgrid_excell_math.js, i need to #stat_cout in the footer, … _in_grid&s[]=#stat_count

Please provide complete demo of this issue … leted_demo

You may try this sample

If issue still occurs you - please provide any kind of sample so we can reconstruct the issue

thank you, exactly what I’m looking for!