SORRY, but your answer dont funtion to me… the page say in a warning: “el objeto no acepta esta propiedad o metodo” <-- The object does not accept this property or method…

I have included all the files JS…

YOUR ANSWER:To execute some code after grid was loaded you have to use 2nd parameter of loadXML method:


mygrid1.attachFooter ([ “Agregar cuentas”]);

}); mygrid1.submitOnlyChanged(false);


my code:

iniciar_xmlgrid_cuentas("SELECT * FROM cuentas WHERE tipo_cuenta=2",xmldatos_cuentas_seleccion);
iniciar_xmlgrid_cuadro("SELECT * FROM cuentas WHERE tipo_cuenta=1",xmldatos_cuentas_predeterminadas);
/* de ser necesario debe incluirse "abrir_conexion_DB.php" posterior a la carga del grid pues en la funcion "iniciar_xmlgrid" se abre y cierra la dicha conexion a base de datos*/
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

Cargar Presupuesto Anual

 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/dhtmlxcommon.js”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/dhtmlxgrid.js”>  
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/dhtmlxgridcell.js”> 
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_start.js”>
 <script  src="dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_form.js ">
 <script  src="dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_filter.js ">
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_drag.js”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_deprecated”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_keymap_access”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_keymap_excel”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_keymap_extra”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_selection”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_nxml”>
 <script  src=“dhtmlxgrid/ext/dhtmlxgrid_srnd”>



<input  id=“b_concepto” type=“100%” style=“border:1px solid gray;” onclick=“doFilter()” onkeyup=“doFilter()”>








Are you using pro or standart version of dhtmlxGrid? attachFooter method is availible only at pro version.