for a the focus line of the combo,

below code:
mygrid.setCellExcellType(“r1”, 1, “coro”);
combo = mygrid.getCustomCombo(“r1”, 1);
combo .put(“1”, “1”);
combo .put(“2”, “2”);
combo .put(“3”, “3”);
combo .put(“4”, “4”);

after fill the combo, when open the combo, then will found the combo’s focus value is not the first value “1”, is the last empty line after the value “4”.
So how to let the combo focus the first value after the put function?

in the selectbox collection will be focused the option which is in the cell’s value. If the collection have no such value - it will be temporarily added in the collection on the last position of the current collection and will be focused.

I see.
But If the collection have no such value, just don’t add a value and don’t select and value will more better.