Force reloading with Dynamic Loading


I’m using Dynamic Loading with treegrid.kidsXmlFile=url, it works fine, and even a little too fine.

Data are loaded the first time i open a row, but they’re not the next times. And i would like to reload data each time i open a row (They can have changed since the first loading).

I cannot find an event fired on row opening (to use for example mygrid.load(url) method).

What is the solution to force the reloading of data at each time i open a row ?

Thank you in advance

(I use the pro version)

I’ve tried with the OnOpenStart event and the load() method, but it does not work.
It causes a strange behavior and i cannot understand why.

Has Dynamic Loading a parameter to force data reloading each time ?
I use it for decrease the time used to display the page at the first time but as my data can change over the time, i need to update them each time i open a row.

I found also the grid.updateFromXML(url, insert_new, del_missed, afterCall) method but it doesn’t work with tree grid :cry:

I have no more ideas…

Thank you for your help

You can use “onOpenEnd” event and then reload TreeGrid with updateFromXML() method … _onopenend