Form 3 - Calendar options not working from XML file load

Hi there. I want to set the options of the calander (for example “isMonthEditable: true”). Thru a xml file. Is this possible ?

Here’s the code. Calendar is showing up, but isMonthEditable and dateFormat are NOT working…


<item type="calendar" dateFormat="%Y-%m-%d" name="GeboorteDatum" label="Geboortedatum" bind="GeboorteDatum" readonly="true" isMonthEditable="true"/>


there is a problem with setting options in form is configured from xml. We’ll fix the problem in the Suite 3.0. Currently please use JSON configuration:


To load data you may use dhtmlxAjax:


function outputResponse(loader){
eval (“formData=”+data);
myForm = new dhtmlXForm(“myForm”, formData);

Thank you for your reply !

I will use json instead :slight_smile: