Form 3 combobox data loading


I’d like to load combobox items using a xml file.

There’s an attribute named connector for the type select,but it doesn’t work for the combobox.

And one more question, how does look the xml alternative for this JSON

{type: “combo”, name: “myCombo2”, label: “Select Location”, options:[
{value: “1”, text: “Open Air”},
{value: “2”, text: “Private Party”}

I’m using the 3. version


there is not possibilty to define path to combo data directly in the configuration. You need call getCombo method to get combo object and then call loadXML:

var combo = form.getCombo(fieldName);

And what would be the xml alternative for this json ?

{type: "combo", name: "myCombo2", label: "Select Location", options:[ {value: "1", text: "Open Air"}, {value: "2", text: "Private Party"} ]}


<item type="combo" name="myCombo2" label="Select Location"> <option value="1" label="Open Air"/> <option value="2" label="Private Party"/> </item>