Form button positioning & cellCSS not working


Am again testing this new version to see if their is improvements and
I would like to report something.
The parameter cellCss is not working with button in form.

One thing. Is there a quick way to enable the position on the button.
I have a form below and I want the button position to be in the right. I don’t want
to add full:true since this will stretch the button.


I want to move the button in the right side.
In dhtmlx v5 their is parameter position: 'left / right' that I can
use easily change the position.

I tried some CSS Rules and it is not working. (I’m CSS noob).

I need help. Thanks.


In the dhtmlxForm css property of the control is applied to the control container itself.
In case of applying to the button element, you need to specify the applying to the button element.

.some_class_for_button button {

Here is an example:


It works. Thanks.

I would like to request. Add a position parameter next release please. This will make our code cleaner avoiding adding custom css rules.

Thanks for the answer. It works.


Thank you for your note. I’ve sent it to the dev team.


no update for this one? I cannot find position: “left/right” :sob::cry::scream: when can you add this option?


You can use the align property for your form rows/cols:


This is nice. Thanks :slight_smile: