Form Button width/height doesn't work (v6.3.1)

When using the code below for dhx.form form data it has no effect ie. the button size does not change. I have tried 100, “100”, “100px”

                    id: "btnOK",
                    name: "btnOK",                
                    type: "button",
                    value: "OK",
                    size: "medium",
                    view: "flat",
                    color: "primary",
                    width: 200,
                    height: 100

Thank you for your post.
The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the future updates.

In case of the dhtmlxForm controls the width and height property applying to the contgrol’s container.
If you need to change the sizes of the button you may try to use the default classes:
or use the css class for your button with the description like:

.some_class_for_button button {
    height: 100px;
    width: 100px;