Form Button

I am working with someone who is in charge of styles on our site, and we were wondering something. Is it possible to use the actual html button tag instead of building an html table inside of the form? Can that be added as an extra attribute to the button that can tell the script to render it as an actual button? We are finding it difficult to get the styles the way we want them with the table, but know we can do it with directly modifying a button css (they actually want me to make it look like a button in a previous system, which I am having a hard time doing with the table css tags). I think this would allow people to take advantage of some of the css3 styling that most of the newer browsers are supporting, and the javascript could render the html table for older browsers or something.

Anyway, I was wondering if the main reason for the html table was backwards compatibility and if there are plans to either move to an html button tag or if a way to override this can be added in.



It just for better compatability. Not all using latest html5/css3 :frowning:

You can create your own button, please read the following article: … ustom_item

You can take current items.button as base, name it items.button2
and update code a bit (rendering part, set/get item text, enable/disable)