form can't call clear() if there is a calendar component

attached demo has been loaded up. please check it. thanks
formClearDemo.rar (347 KB)

You need just replace attached files. It was fixed in it. (317 KB)

problem has been solved by loading a blank valued data xml file which doesn’t include the calendar component value seting which will make the form clean and then set the calendar value
to new Date(). I will try your fixed source code. which version it will be put for the bug fixing?

I sent you fixed 3.0 (almost 3.5). If you need - can send you 3.5 (form + calendar).
It was real issue in 3.0 with calendar unload() metod.

thanks. I will

Darya or anyone else,

I have this same issue right now.

Which files in v3.0 do I have to replace at a minimum? I don’t want to disrupt my build at this point, but it is not working when I just replace the dhtmlxform.js and the dhtmlxform_item_calendar.js files.


Recommend you to replace all the files in the attachment above