Form/Data Processor problem after ugrading to version 3

I just upgraded from version 2.6 to version 3.0 (Pro edition), since the upgrade my form does not work with my data processor, my data processor no longer receives the data input on my form. If I put the old version of dhtmlxform.js it starts working again.

I am using a standard HTML form.
Here is some parts of the code, the initialize is the procedure that runs on OnLoad:

var dp;
var myForm;

function submitForm () {



function initialize(){

myForm = new dhtmlXForm("main");
dp = new dataProcessor("received.p");



  <input type="text" name="hlocation" id="hlocation" bind="hlocation"/>
<input name="Next" type="button" value="Next-&gt;" onclick="submitForm();"/>

Is there any configuration needed on version 3.0 that I am missing?

Be sure that you have updated dataprocessor.js with one from version 3.0 as well.

Hi Stanislav,
Yes, I am using the two files from version 3.
If I put the dhtmlxform.js from version 2.6 my form and data processor works fine, even if the dataprocessor is from version 2.6 or from version 3.0.
Is there something on version 3 that wouldn’t support data processor with regular html forms?
Let me know, meanwhile I cannot continue using version 3.0


dhtmlxform 3.0 is purposed for creating forms from json configuration, not for usage with html forms. If you need to use html form - you better stick to form 2.6 ( which can be used with other 3.0 files )

If I were to use dhtmlx forms from Json configuration, how easy is to change the size of the fonts, input boxes, buttons, etc?
the application I am doing will run on handheld screens, so I need to increase the size of everything.

Styling of elements ( text, inputs ) are controlled through css - so it must not be problem to increase size.

Also form supports absolute positioning for its sub-elements, so you can change the layout as you wish, if default scheme no good for your use-case

We are developing a warehouse system that will run on rugged handheld devices, we have some of functions already using standard html forms with the dhtmlxform object and data processor.
is DHTMLX plaining to fix the problem of the support for standard HTML forms?
or you will no longer support this method of using the forms?
I hope DHTMLX can fix this because otherwise we will never be able to upgrade to a newer version of DHTMLX.
It’s a shame that very useful feature stop working on version 3.