Form Event onButtonClick

Hi there,
could it be that the component “select” use the event “onButtonClick”?

First I have a form with a “select” inside. I attached the event/ listener “onchange” to this form, resp. the select.
Later on I add a Button dynamicly to the same form and attach the event “onButtonClick” on to the form.
Now, when I change the select (select a different item) the function, I would like to have for “onButtonClick”, answers but the function for “onChange” not.
Any Ideas?

Found the solution by my own …
The Reason is the framwork self, because it alows to register the same event multible times for the same Item/Target using the same handler.
Take a look at the DOM [yourFormName][dhxevs][data].
When you fire the event, the framwork seams to have problems finding the right entry in DOM.
So, first check if event and handler on item/ target already exists and then go ahead.