Form field HTML id

The fields in the form have names. Are these names the HTML id? I want to be able to apply input masks to an input field with $("#fieldid").setMask(). What should I specify for the “fieldid”? Is this the same as the name? Is there a different way of specifying an id for a field?

If you mean dhtmlx form - ids generated automaticaly.
Attribute name - is for user, it different than id.
If you need input DOM element - you can call:
var inp = myForm.getInput(name)

If the form field where to be written in HTML what would go in the “id”.

{ type:"input", name: "field_1", label: "Field 1", }

<input id="what goes here?" />

I’d like to be able to manipulate the input field with the id. Where do I specify that id in the form specifications? How do I retrieve that id in javascript?

I called the getAttribute DOM method on the object returned by getInput and that did not return the attributes. What methods can I call on the object returned by that API method?

var title_o = add_event_form_.getInput("event_title"); var title_id = title_o.getAttribute("id"); var title_name = title_o.getAttribute("name");

Does any method give me an id for that element? where I’d be able to do a $("#id").setMask();

Form inputs’ ids are used insode form on low level
If you need id - try myForm.getInput(name).id

Andrei, this does seem to give me an id to access the field.