Form field tab order

Hello, I’m using DHTMLXForm. Is there some way to establish a tabbing order for the input fields, please? The default behaviour appears to be top to bottom, left to right – but I have a design exception where I need to have a different order.

Thank you.


try this:
myForm.getInput(name).setAttribute(“tabindex”, value);

the only thing is for checkbox and radio button they set via script by form.

Andrei wrote:

Sorry, Andrei, I don’t understand what you mean by this. Would you give me a code example, please? It seems the ‘getInput’ method doesn’t work for checkboxes and radio buttons, but I can’t figure out how to alternatively set the tab index for those controls. Thank you.

Hello, Andrei, I haven’t heard again from you yet. Please help me with an answer to my question. How do I get the tab index/order to work for checkboxes and radio buttons, please? A code example would be very helpful. Thank you.


Unfortunately there is no ready solution. For checkbox and radio - I mean that this is not real html checkbox/radio elements - these are images and tabIndex emulated by script and it will not easy for you to fix that w/o changing sources.

Okay, Andrei, thanks. I did find something of a solution by putting the right-column checkbox in the same block as the left-column input control.