Form Field type:Calendar Problem -- "invalid date"


I have a problem with form in combination with calendar field (in combination with dataProcessor and connector).

When loading data from SQL Server 2008 r2 database, it always tells me “invalid date”
The field I use in SQL Server is “datetime” type.
Even if I put a “dateFormat” or/and a “serverDateFormat” inside, I still get “invalid date”.
However, the field can save input value (via calendar) to DB, but just got “invalid date” when load data.

Anybody knows how to get fix of this?

Here’s my code:
fdtDetail = [
type: “label”,
list: [
{ type: “input”, label: “Key Code”, name: “KEY_CODE”,
maxLength: 5, required: true },
{ type: “calendar”, label: “Revoke Date”, name: “Revoke _Date”,
dateFormat: "%m-%d-%Y "},



please provide demo including calendar field, dhtmlx.js files and fake xml with any date to reproduce issue. seems like it known problem. if so - I will add fix into dhtmlx.js if not - I will also add fix into dhtmlx.js :slight_smile: