form.getValue() get content of the item, not value

EDIT : pb solved, my bad, bad settings of my select values , sorry !


With version 6., form.getValue() returns the values of the items for type select. With 7.0, I get the content of the item, not the value. Is there a change in this method ?
Thanks for answer.

Unfortunaetly the issue is not clear.
Please, check the following snippet:
getValue() method returns the value of a select in the 7 and 6 version of the form.
If the problem still occurs for you could you pleaase, clarify it with some kind of a snippet or a demo.

I added an Edit note : I found the solution, my bad, I made mistakes while setting my select values, so it was not an issue ! :slight_smile: Thank you

I see. So it’s alright.