form/grid in scrollview

How in this design could I allow the form to scroll the whole page, and the grids also. So when it hits the bottom/top of the grid it continues to scroll down/up the page.

dhx.ui({ view:'scrollview',height:1500, rows:[

Or is it posible to make the scrollview stretch/ grid move down with how many items are in grid.


if you are using scrollview with “y” scroll, the components inside should be without this scroll. In the other case, the component will be scrolled instead of scrollview. You may set height:“auto” for grids. In this case they will be shown completely without scroll. I’ve attached the sample (184 KB)

How would I go about setting a minimum height for the grid?

Currently you can only have two modes

a) fixed size
b) auto size

there is no way to define min|max constraints. ( BTW we are plan to add min-max sizing for all views|components )