Form inside of a layout ... need cell object

Suppose a form in inside of a layout as:

var w         = windows.createWindow('w',0, 0, 200,300);
var layout    = w.attachLayout('1C');
var fcell     = layout.cells('a');

var form     = fcell.attachForm( somedata, true);

And there is an event handler as:

  form.attachEvent("onButtonClick", function(name, command){
      // theCell = this.parentCell() //which in this case would equal "fcell"

Is it possible to get the form’s parent container, in this case “fcell”?

Unfortunatelly there is no native method. You need to use “fcell” or “layout.cells(‘a’)” object…

Thanks for your message.

I am working on a form prototype and need to turn on the progress indicator from inside of the prototype.

I’ll look through the code and see if anything jumps out.