form integration submit changed rows only but wt all colum

how could we submit changed rows only but with all column value (changed and unchanged) … please help

are you using PHP or ASP?

pls post your codes for easy debugging … ntegration

in form :

in update.jsp :
c0 = request.getParameter(“gridbox_1_0”);
c1 = request.getParameter(“gridbox_1_1”);
c2 = request.getParameter(“gridbox_1_2”);

the result :
nullA Time to Kill 2null
(only col gridbox_1_1 had changed)

but i need result to be like below although only col gridbox_1_1 had changed :

-1500A Time to Kill 2John Grisham …

please help,

It’s better to use DataProcessor. If you use DataProcessor and edit some cell, all rows values will be send to the server side.

tq sir ,
but i would’ve done it since when using dataprocessor , firefox return null (request.getParameter(“ids”)) ;
in ie6,8, chrome and opera works fine …