form item container - set height

I have a form with container item.

{ type:"container" , name:"someContainer", labelAlign:"left", inputWidth:500, inputHeight:220, offsetTop:"20", offsetLeft:"20"  }

In that container I’m placing my grid. myGrid = new dhtmlXGridObject(myForm.getContainer("someContainer"));
I need to change grid height programatically, now I’m doing this:

myForm.setItemHeight("someContainer", 340); myGrid.setSizes();
But this doesn’t work, any idea how can I do this?
Thanks in advance.

You can try
myForm.getContaner(“someContainer”).style.height = “340px”

Thanks, that’s it.
You have a typo, it’s: “getContainer” not “getContaner” (you are missing ‘i’).
Once again thx :wink:

Sorry, yes, have missed.
But in your case you need to use exactly my approach, not the method getContainer.