Form load by XML

If I use the dhxForm and initialize it using XML is it not possible to use & or < in the value because the XML is not valid then. Unfortunately it is not possible to use CDATA in an attribute of the XML.

Is there a workaround available for this Problem or do I need to initialize the form trough another way?

You may try to use < and & in the attributes

Unfortunately no success. As soon as a & or > < character is in the value it will produce an XML error. In this case is it also not possible to fill in an editor box trough XML because each HTML Tag gets an XML error.

It would be much easier if it would be possible to change the XML as following:

<item type="input" validate="NotEmpty" name="someName" label="someLabel">value</item>

Because then would it be possible to set a CDATA section around the value. But unfortunately the dhxForm does not accept this…

ok, you are right.
HTML code seems to be allowed in XML. Everything works if i replace all the following characters in the XML. Thanks!

& => &
’ => ’
< => <

=> >
" => "

The publisher has also broken when a slash “/”:


Help me!