form.load not working form_connector.php problem

I fallow the “Building application” tutorial but does not work. At the moment i try to link the data form with data.

this is Medios.php The called program using form.load(‘Medios.php?ID=’+rid);


$formConn = new FormConnector($res);
$fromConn->render_table(“medios”,“ID”,“ID,IDCODE, IDTIPO_MEDIO, IDBOVEDA”);

using form_conector of version 2.6

the program sends error: " Fatal error: Call to a member function render_table() on a non-object in C:…" like the program did not know the function render_table()

using the version of examples
the program sends error: “Fatal error: Access level to FormConnector::$editing must be protected (as in class Connector) or weaker in C:…”

Please help. What i’m doing wrong?

Which version of php you are using?
Connectors lib must work correctly with php 5.0 - php 5.3

PHP Version 5.2.14

Finally i make it work :laughing: . By using the full code of “bulding applications” and the conector under DhmlxForm/samples/common/conector :astonished: . I do not saw any label indicating the version of each program/library :open_mouth: How can i figurate out the version of each program? :smiley:

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Be sure that all files from connectors folder is in the same folder as form_connector.php

Except of it, I can’t see any other reason why such error occurs. PHP 5.2 must work without any problems.

staniislav: Did you notus the From’s save sample at if you try to update this error comming:

that could not be a php version problem.

That is different problem, not related to the form or connector ( html preprocessing on the site breaks the code of component, we will fix it ). Samples in downloadable package must not be affected.

Original issue can occurs only if connector class was not instantiated correctly, which can be if path to includes is wrong.

i’ve just download dhtmlxform and the package seems to have same problem

i’ve changed the code of data.php in

$conn = mysql_connect(“localhost”,“root”,"");

$form = new FormConnector($conn);//create connector for dhtmlxForm using connection to mySQL server

if i run the page data.php (to see the output) the reslut is
Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Exception’ with message ‘ID parameter is missed’ in C:\Wamp\www\test\dhtmlxForm\samples\06_data\php\connector\form_connector.php on line 48

It is expected, you need to call it like


where id - id of record, info for which need to be shown in the form