Form Lock - copy and paste text

When a form is locked, the text is cannot be coped. See: … _lock.html

I am testing in Chrome. It used to not be like this. I am not sure if what changed.

I am ok if you can provide instructions to alter the .css files as my users are going crazy!


Unfortunately, it can’t be changed through css.
When you are using “lock” feature, all fields in the form are disabled, and according to HTML spec, a text of disabled input can’t be selected.

So the html spec says that a disabled field cannot be selected for copy and paste and Chrome is just getting around to adhering to the spec? Makes sense.

If the attribute is turned to read-only the copy/paste does work: … t_readonly

Is there a way to lock the form in a read-only state? Is this something dhtmlx might be able to add to the framework?

You may also set the read-only mode to the required input field in the dhtmlxForm.

I am using your framework to build forms in javascript, hence the reason form.lock() works.

In the same way there is a form.lock() API, is there an API to make the entire form readonly? If not can dhtmlx make it?

There is no such method in the dhtmlxForm.
If the situation is critical for you you may post to sales[at] to get the details about the customization possibility.

Chrome fixed the issue: … 656736#c36