Form not changing data


Please help me. I have a project like this

Page 1.- html with a dhtmlxGrid component that reads info from a table. Works great. I have 2 buttons here. I select a recod of my grid and push the botton this send me to page 2 were i can modify the record.

Page 2.- html with a dhtmlForm i see my record here, i can change the info, save my info and go back to page 1. The info is modified in my grid and my db.

Page 1.- i see my new info but if i try to modified again the same record when i go to page 2, there is a ploblem because the info that i see is not the new info, is like there was no change in my info.

Why? what is wrong with my page?


please send details (demo or direct link) to support (at) dhtmlx com

ok, i have this html

Mantenimiento a Usuarios <?php $id_usuario = "conexion_form.php?id="; $id_usuario .= $_GET["id"]; $opcion = $_GET["opcion"]; ?>
<?php if ($opcion == 0) echo 'Modificación'; else echo 'Alta';?> a Usuarios
Clave: >
Activo: Si No
	var myForm = new dhtmlXForm("my_form");		
	var dp = new dataProcessor("conexion_form.php");
	var mUrl = "<?php echo $id_usuario ?>";
	var mOpcion = "<?php echo $opcion ?>";

	if (mOpcion == 0) {
		document.getElementsByName("nombre").item(0).focus(); // da el focus al elemento
	else {

when i save the form the data is ok, this is my connection file:

<?php require_once("../dhtmlxConnector_v10_php/codebase/form_connector.php"); // componente de conexion $dbhost="localhost"; $db="cobranza"; $dbusuario="xxxx"; $dbpassword="xxxx"; $conexion = mysql_connect($dbhost, $dbusuario, $dbpassword); mysql_select_db($db, $conexion); $formConn = new FormConnector($conexion,"MySQL"); $formConn->render_table("seg_usuario","id_usuario","clave,nombre,email,activo"); mysql_close($conexion); ?>

but when i call the form again the data is not update, the data is the same that i have the first time.

I am evaluating this component because i want to buy the suite.

Could you please send us direct link to