Form Not Rendering Correctly in Tabbar

I just want to pass on the solution for a problem I had with getting a form to render correctly within a tabbar. What was happening was that the form was being displayed, but without the correct styling: no checkboxes, no radio buttons, mispositioned labels, etc. I suspected a CSS problem but couldn’t track it down. The problem ended up being that the tabbar ‘skin’ was set to ‘modern’, and the form elements inherited that skin. The problem is that there is no ‘modern’ skin for the dhtmlxForm object. I used the .setSkin() property to associated the ‘dhx_skyblue’ skin with the form, and now everything works.

Here’s my code for attaching a form to a tabbar:

The problem doesn’t reproduce in the latest version.

You may also try to use the following approach to define the form skin:
tabbar.cells(“upload”).skin = “dhx_skyblue”;
formProductUpload = tabbar.cells(“upload”).attachForm(formProductUpload);