Form numeric field with 0 initial value issue

I have noticed strange behaviour on numeric fields when the initial value is numeric zero

    id: "cost",
    type: "input",
    label: "Cost",
    validation: "numeric",
    value: 0

clicking in the field and then tabbing out causes the field to clear itself. Both below are ok although:

    value: 100

    value: "0"

I encountered the same issue, although it’s not only with the initial value. If you programmatically set the value of a form field to 0, then use getValue() to get the current value, it’s empty. In my case, it showed the content of the form field to be 0, but doing a parseInt() on the value returned “NaN”. Of course, if you set it as “0”, it works fine. I haven’t dug into the code, but I suspect they’re doing a test on the input value, and not accounting for 0 as an allowed value so it’s evaluating as false.

Thank you for your note.
The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to solve it in the future updates.

Your problem was fixed.
Please, try to get the latest build of the dhtmlxForm to get the fixed version:

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