Form onchange issue

I have attache a toolbar nd a form to dhtmlxwindow.
in my form i have an input item.
when i entered some text in that input and clicking a button in toolbar i am not able to get that value what i entered in that input item.

But if i click some where out side the form and click the button giving the value properly .

How can i resolve this , without clicking out side how can i get the input item value?

Any help appreciated.

Naresh Adla.

Locally it works well
Please, test attached demo
wnd.rar (209 KB)

Hi Darya,
I Don’t find the dhtmlx.js and dhtmlx.css files in rar that you used to import in the demo file.

I have included my own pro edition files.
and i tested your demo, it is still have the issue.

1st scenario:

I opened the demo in the browser and without entering any text in input field i clicked the button it has given me empty alert then
i entered some text “AAA” and then i clicked once again then i got empty alert.
Then i clicked one more time now it is given me the “AAA” alert.

Then if i changed the text to “BBB” and clicked the button it is giving same “AAA” when i clicked it one more time then it is effected with new value “BBB”.

2nd scenario:

First i entered some text in input and clicked the button then it is given me the correct alert.

Can u please check it and give me the right solution.

Naresh Adla.

Locally everything OK in both cases.
What dhtmlx, OS and browser version you have?

browsers:ALL browsers

Did you tested it all scenarios?

Really it is becoming a unsolved issue for me.

Please try once again by changing the text continuously and click the button, it should give the correct result every time.

To me it is working properly for every second try.

Yes, we have test it. Locally it works.
The method updateValues() must help you.
Call it before getting input value:

tb.attachEvent("onClick",function(){ form.updateValues(); alert(form.getItemValue("inp")); });

Thanks Darya,
Now it is working fine with updateValues() method of form.
But i think we are using 3.0 pro edition and it doesn’t contains this method.

Is there any way to achive the same thing with 3.0 version of dhtmlx.js and css.

I have tried by pasting the respective updateValues() and _updateValues() methods from 3.6 into 3.0 .

But i ddnt get the correct out put.

When i tried with original 3.6 version it is working fine but as of now i ddnt want upgrade my product with 3.6 so can you please tell me the way that i can resolve this issue with 3.0 version.

Naresh Adla.

In this way we need your completed demo to fix the files you use.
Please, send it on with a link to this topic. … leted_demo

Hi Darya,
Please find the attached demo.

Please, do not upload PRO files here. The next time send it on marked adress.
Have downloaded you demo. Please, wait for an answer.