form position in tabbar is changed when close the window

in dhtmls tabbar , i attach a custom html form object (not dhtmlx form) ,the form content in tabbar has no scroll (full size),
when i click some button on the form,it will open a select something window,and when i close the window, the form position in the tabbar is always moved up, i try to delete the code line in dhtmlwindow.js:

“this._closeWindow = function(win) {if (this._focusFixIE){ = (this.vp==document.body?0:getAbsoluteTop(this.vp))+“px”;/this._focusFixIE.focus()/}”

the form position is correct when i close the window. can you give me the best way to keep my form position in the tabbar without modifying the dhtmlxwindow.js?
thanks for your help!


try to use the following approach to solve the problem:

dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();

dhxWins._focusFixIE = null;

thanks very much , the approach have solved my problem!great!