Form problem with checkbox and its value


I have a gridview where I load data with XML from a database (row and cells style like 123 ).

my grid works fine with data.

now I have to add a checkbox to this gridview. when submitted the selected checkboxes (with its line) should get sent.

I added checkboxes to my grid, but all just have value 0 or 1 when submitted.

but I have to submit a value for each checkbox when checked and sent.

where is my problem?

This is how check box works.
It’s value can be:
0,false,"" - checkbox unchecked
1,true,“any_value” - checkbox checked

no. its state can be 0 or 1, but it can have a value.

for example:

I want to use dhtmlxgrid as a form with checkbox in each line and a submit button.
so I want to select some checkboxes (with its values) and submit this.
0 and 1 is too less, I want to submit array of selected values like a checkbox group.

is this possible??

I want to select some checkboxes (with its values) and submit this.
checkbox is the individual column and it contains the values of the checkbox only.
value of the check box column is the state of the checkbox.
If you need to get the values from the other columns you can use the getValue() method: … t_getvalue

Is the value case sensitive?

I have a MSSQL database and a bit column with value of 0 or 1.

I am using the connector to generate the xml from the database and if the value of the cell is 0 it enters the value of that cell as ‘False’.

When it displays in the grid, however, even though the value is False it shows the checkbox as checked.

Please advise.

Unfortunately it’s not available to use teh “True”/“False” instead of “true”/“false” in the checkbox value.

how do i get checked value of row onrowslected or how do i check if row is checked or not

Please, try to use the isChecked() method: