Form rendering: Chrome vs IE9

I am working on a tab group with a form in each tab. All tabs looks great in Chrome. When viewing in IE9 there are a few problems.

Sometimes the block wants to wrap to a new line. Also in a few places I use “template” to add column headers. In IE9 the column headers are shifting.

Because I am required to keep this screen confidential, may I email support a working link? I also can produce screenshots.

Could you provide us direct link or completed demo? … leted_demo

I just sent a email with the direct link. I need to keep the link and screen shots out of the public forum.

We are waiting.

I just sent the email again. The subject of the email is: “Follow up from forum: Form rendering: Chrome vs IE9”

We got it.

I have the same problem.
What’s the solution?


For complex forms, use absolute positioning of each item. The Visual Designer is a good way to layout the form with absolute positions. The forms look exactly the same in all browsers.