Form.send: textfield with german umlaut

Hi everybody,

i’m using “dhxFormEdit.send(“updatedispatch”, “get”, function(loader){…” to send the content of a textfield in this form to my database. If there are any specialchars like &, it is saved correctly. But in case of german “umlaute” like ä, i get problems.

The problem is caused by dhxForm, cause I already receive the manipulated data in the array of my serverside script, directly after the call of the function “updatedispatch”.

Could anyone provide a solution please?

dhtlxForm always send data to the server side in UTF-8 encoding. Your server side script should be able to receive data in UTF-8 encoding or you can replace all occurrences of encodeURIComponent with escape in dhtmlxform.js file.

Hi Olga,

thank you very much.
All my files were saved as ANSI. After saving them as UTF-8, I got the right form data.