Form setFocus()

I’ve dug around and don’t seem to find a handy solution for this. In 5.x there were functions for setting the focus in a form. How does one set the focus in 6.x?

There was also a function to set the focus on the first editable field in the form. I can probably figure out how to duplicate that behavior if I can set the focus at all, but perhaps there’s an easy way to do this already?

I figured out that as long as you set the id property of the control, you can use document.getElementById(“control_id”).focus() to set the focus on a specific field.

I see that the form controls are stored in form.config.rows, so you could theoretically loop through that array to find the first visible control. Something like this:

var firstvisible;
for (var i=0;i<form.config.rows.length;i++){
    var ctrl = form.config.rows[i];
    if (typeof ctrl.hidden === "undefined" || ctrl.hidden === false){
        firstvisible =;

Is there a better/easier way to do this?

You may use your chosen solution for now.
I understand your problem. We’ll add the kind of “focus()” method in one of the future dhtmlxForm updates.
Thank you for your report.

Has there been any movement on this?



That feature will be added in the next major update of the dhx.Form.