Form Support

Hi All,

I have a button in toolbar on clicking tht i want to show a window which will have a form with fields, submitting that form will add the record in database and update the grid (below the toolbar).

Also, i want an edit button in grid clicking on which the record will be shown in same form window created above and on save it will update the database and grid .

Is there any plugin or support available for above functionalities? If not thn please guide me how to do it.


Shahzad Fateh Ali

There is no such built-in functionality, but you can

- catch the row selection moment by using onRowSelect event
- use grid.cell(i,j).getValue(); to get values of related cells
- fill custom form with such values
- on clicking “save” button update data in grid by grid.cells(i,j).setValue(new_one);
- use any kind of existing data-sync functions of grid to save data back to DB