Form Upload titleText Not Shown


I have a layout control with an accordian control in one of the panes. Since I cannot have both a form and a tree in an accordian cell, I have another layout control (2E) inside the accordian cell with both headers hidden. I have a form in the top cell of the layout control and a tree in the bottom cell. The form has an upload control and button below it (via json file - the button is to create a new top level folder in the tree - there is no way to have a context menu on a tree with no items…).

The issue I am having is that the titleText does not appear in the upload control. The exact same form (same json file loaded) inside a layout that is not inside an accordian cell works fine. After a file has been uploaded, the titleText appears.

Do you have any suggestions for a workaround or a fix?

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please provide completed demo (including all corresponding js/css files) or direct link to reproduce issue, you also can send it to


I’ve got the same issue.
Could your problem be solved and what was the matter?

Thanks in advance.


I had to make modifications to the dhtmlx css to get it to work.

I will do a diff against the official release and post the changes.



I have found that the upload area text disappears, if the upload is within a layout cell, which is collapsed with the “collapse” command. This is very strange.

At any rate, thank you in advance for your work and I look forward for your changes/code
or rather your post :slight_smile: