Form validation cannot be numeric and 'not required'


My form field looks like this:

            validation: "numeric",
            value: "100"
            required: false

By my logic this should allow an empty field or any valid number but the validation fails when the field is empty ie. it doesn’t seem possible to have a numeric field that is not mandatory


This is the expected behavior.
as the “numeric” validation rule means that the field can only contain the number, while the empty string is not a number.
In your case you may try to create a custom validation rule.
You can find a tutorial here:


So what you are saying is that a non-required numeric field will force the user to enter a zero in that field?
That behaviour doesn’t seem correct to me


I apologize for the delay.
I understand. Thank you for your report. I’ve sent your suggestion to the dev team, validation mechanics will be updated to suit such situation.
Currently, I can only suggest you create your own custom validation rule.


NOw you are able to define the inputType to your form input control:

      type: "input",
      label: "enter the number",
      name: "count"

to use it instead of the validation.