Form with codeiginiter

I’m using php with codeigniter and DHTMLX components.

I’m not able to create a form that contains multiple combobox.

See my controller.

public function carregaVendedor()
$classePessoas = new Pessoas();
$classePessoas->select(“id, nome”);
$classePessoas->where(“Nome like ‘A%’”);

            foreach($classePessoas as $objeto){
               $dados[] = array("id"=>$objeto->id, "nome"=>$objeto->nome);
            $connector = new ComboConnector($this->db, "PHPCI");
	$connector->render_array($dados, "id", "nome");

See my view

It happens that does not appear in the form with the combo.

How do I create forms using standard CodeIgniter?

Could you specify, what exactlly do you need?

I’m not able to connect the combo dataprocessor using codeigniter.

When using combo in form, you can load data by combo connector, but data saving will be done by form. So you can use default form approach … xconnector

Hi Stanislav

I could use the ComboConnector with CodeIgniter, it worked correctly.

Just could not use the method render_array …

Tried with GridConnector, DataConnector, but none of this method has render_array ();

For example: I want to pass data from a php array, created by a method in my Controller, to the object that is in the Combo View.
With render_sql worked, but I can not for the render_array.

This error appear:

Call to undefined method ComboConnector::render_array()

Call to undefined method ComboConnector::render_array()

It seems you are usin old connector files.
Grab the latest version and update all php files …

Thanks… Stanislav…

Now it works…