Form with connector Chrome Problems Saving

I have a dhtmlxform that uses a form connector to populate a form with data. On submit I call dp.sendData(); which goes to a php page that processes the update request. Here is my update.php page:



function myUpdate($action){
	$new_value = rand(0,100);
	$date = date("Y-m-d"); 
	$action->set_value("insertBy","Peter Rozental");
$form = new FormConnector($res);



The problem that I have is when using Chrome data that I update in my form does not always get saved, I checked the logs and the only time that an entry is made is when the save works successfully. When I put in “1234 Main Street” for the address field in Chrome the data in the database remains null. When I do this in IE 8 / IE 7 the data gets updated correctly.

Here is my form page:

//Buffer larger content areas like the main page content

<?php //check if page is in edit or insert new record mode $pageType = ''; $id = ''; if (isset($_GET['pageType']) && $_GET['pageType'] == "edit") { $pageType = 'editExisting'; } elseif (isset($_GET['pageType']) && $_GET['pageType'] == "new"){ $pageType = 'newRecord'; } else { } if (isset($_GET['id']) && $_GET['id'] != "") { $id = $_GET['id']; } ?> Clients
  <td colspan="2" class="footer" align="right">
  	<input bind="thumbSmall" type="hidden" name="thumbSmall">
    <input bind="thumbSmall" type="hidden" name="thumbSmall">
    <input type="image" name="updateForm" class="submitSmallButton" src="images/submitSmallWin7.png" style="border: 0px;" onclick="return submitClient();">
	<input type="image" name="cancelForm" class="cancelSmallButton" src="images/cancelSmallWin7.png" style="border: 0px;" onClick="closeWindow();">
First Name:
Last Name:
Phone Number:
Contract Signed:
Release Signed:
ImageMagick <?php include "phmagick/phmagick.php"; $phMagick = new phMagick("images/clientThumbs/068.jpg","images/clientThumbs/destination.jpg"); $phMagick->setImageMagickPath("/usr/local/ImageMagick-latest/bin/"); $phMagick->debug=true; $phMagick->resize(40,0); echo ''; //echo '
', print_r($phMagick->getLog()) , '
'; ?>
<?php //Assign all Page Specific variables $pagemaincontent = ob_get_contents(); ob_end_clean(); //Apply the template include("master/windowMaster.php"); ?>


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’d love to get this to work reliably in Chrome as the javascript processing in IE is less than fast.

Can you provide a content of “log.txt” for problematic action ?
Is it writes anything in it, or ignores invalid operations at all ?

I have attached my log file. I notice that this happens the most when I enter data for more than one text box on my form. I cannot see anything in the log that shows a failure or even an attempt when the action is problematic.

I can insert or edit successfully three times (for example) then experience a failure and then the next update or insert works. In the log I only see three successful database interactions then a fourth success, when I should really see 5 total interactions, with one being a failure.

And in IE 7/8 the inserts and updates work every time. (31.5 KB)

Try to add the next line when sending data


if issue still occurs and you can provide some demo where it can be reconstructed - please contact us directly at