Form3: Defining inputWidth on settings breaks newcolum

I’ve been trying to put form elements in two columns and I’ve been able to do so, but when I define inputWidths on the settings element it breaks the elements two column positioning.

var data = [
{type:“settings”, position: “label-left”, labelWidth:85, inputWidth: 120},
{type:“fieldset”, name:“b_personal”, label: “DATOS PERSONALES”, list:[
{type:“input”, name:“identidad”, label:“Identidad:”},
{type:“input”, name:“nombre”, label:“Nombre:”},
{type:“input”, name:“apellidos”, label:“Apellidos:”},
{type:“input”, name:“direccion”, label:“Dirección:”},
{type:“select”, name:“ciudad”, label: “Ciudad:”, connector:“data/general.php?op=combo&type=ciudad” },
{type: “newcolumn”, offset:20},
{type:“select”, name:“estadocivil”, label: “Estado Civil:”, options:[
{text: “Soltero”, value: “S”},
{text: “Casado”, value: “C”}
{type:“input”, name:“telefono”, label:“Teléfono:”},
{type:“input”, name:“celular”, label:“Celular:”},
{type:“calendar”, dateFormat:“%d/%m/%Y”,name:“nacimiento”,label:“Fecha Nacimiento:”,readonly: true, options:{
isMonthEditable: true,
isYearEditable: true
{type:“input”, name:“nacionalidad”, label:“Nacionalidad:”},
{type:“select”, name:“sexo”, label: “Sexo:”, options:[
{text: “Masculino”, value: “M”},
{text: “Femenino”, value: “F”}


seems like you fieldset inherit 120px width, try this (in your config):
{type:“fieldset”, name:“b_personal”, label: “DATOS PERSONALES”, inputWidth: “auto”, …