Format of data sent to server

It looks like the default format for data sent to the server via the DataProcessor is HTTP parameters, either in a GET or a POST request. Is there any way to get the DataProcessor to submit data to the server in a different format, e.g. as XML or JSON? (Specifically I’m hoping for a structure that’s more or less isomorphic to the formats that are used for loading data into the grid.)


It not possible in case of dataprocessor, but you can use something like

var data = grid.serialize();"some.php","data="+data);

which will serialize grid back to xml and will send it to server side.

Thanks, and correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this solution preclude the use of the DataStore (because the DataStore uses the DataProcessor to submit data)?

The above solution ( with serialization ) do not require datastore or dataprocessor. It based ajax and grid functionality ( you can use it with datastore as well, as datastore supports serialize api )

Normally , you can use dataprocessor with any component, usage of datastore is optional and it is not required for normal data saving functionality.