Format of date

I use calendar to select date which has a format type for input.

eg. < 2012-12-09>

I want to ask if I type the date by manual that can obatin a date format same as the above example ?

Thanks for your help !


If your calendar is not in readOnly mode, you can type the date manually in right set format and it will select in the Calendar.


I know your explanation that the date can input by manual.

But I say that I type <20121201> by manual then the system can change to <2012-12-01> automatic or not ? The date format is same as to selection by calendar.

I want to ask can perform this function or not ?

Thanks for your help !


It is a customization, we haven’t such function in development plan.
I advise you to use ‘oninputchange’ event and handle every your type.