Formatting numbers

I am currently evaluating the dhtmlxGrid (standard) and am having a problem getting a column to format as two decimal position number (9,999.99). During the sample setup (doInitGrid() I call mygrid.setNumberFormat(“000.00”,2);. This produces an error “Object doesn’t support this property or method”. I’ve tried it with columns set to “ro” and “price”. Same result in both.

Can someone point me in the right direction to format this column to show the correct number format (currency) as shown above?

Also, I must say other than this problem (which is, no doubt, my fault) I’m finding this control a pleasure to work with.


W.N. Pew

setNumberFormat method is availible at PRO version only. You can check if method is availible at standart or pro version here … grid_api_a.

If you want to set number format for the column or the certaing cell, this column or cell should has “ron” or “end” format.