Formatting zero value cells

Is there an alternative way to format zero value cells such that they are ‘empty’? I’ve tried to use the following suggested solution: … 05&a=10147

The problem I have is that I’m also trying to use gridToClipboard(). When I issue the gridToClipboard() and then paste the clipboard into an excel spreadsheet, the ‘empty’ cells get pasted as a NaN value.

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Which version of grid you are using?
Woirking sample sent by email - it uses the same approach and grid copied to clipboard correctly.

I’m using grid version is  //v.2.0 build 81009


Did you actually send the working example?  I haven’t yet received it.


The letter definitely has been sent.
If you still not received anything, please contact us directly at and provide any alternative email address.

I’m using grid version is //v.2.0 build 81009
The sample uses the same version, there must not be any drawback for both solutions proposed in above mentioned article.

I’ve now received it.  Thanks again.